1:1 Doming Resin

1:1 Doming Epoxy - 500ml Kit


1:1 Doming Epoxy - 1L Kit


1:1 Doming Epoxy - 2L Kit


1:1 Doming Epoxy - 4L Kit


1:1 Doming Epoxy - 8L Kit


1:1 Doming Epoxy - 40L Kit

Platinum Doming Resin - 1:1 ratio by Weight or Volume

Platinum Doming Resin was discovered by accident! A printer wanted some doming resin for an urgent job, and normally he sourced this product from Italy. Unfortunately, we only had Platinum ART COAT resin in stock and could only offer him that product. He went away, tried it and came back for more, and more. Other printers picked up on this and so the product was being sold all over the continent. The craft people then discovered this product for their broaches, earnings etc and so the Platinum brand Doming resin was continually being requested (hence this specific page). Please watch the following video and you will see just how easy doming can be - and at 1/4 the Italian resin price!