Epoxy Resins

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Non-toxic, food grade, clear, medium, coating & cast to 13mm
Non-toxic, food grade, clear, easy cast from 2mm to 50mm
Non-toxic, clear, thick coating resists temp. up to 300 deg C
Non-toxic, food grade, sparkle clear for carbon & Surfboards
Multi-purpose low cost thin clear coating resin can be cast
Multi-purpose biggest selling clear coating resin can be cast
Multi-purpose huge selling clear coating resin can be cast
River Table clear resin 30mm - 60mm 3:1 ratio
Casting to 40mm, RiverTable UltraClear 2:1 (110mm avail.)
Casting to 40mm, RiverTable SuperClear 2:1 (110mm avail.)
Thick Coating with this very thick resin
Artist Resin is a very thick resin, can also be used in Doming
Epoxy Flowcoat is a glossy coating 3:1 by weight
Easy mix 2:1 Multi-Purpose Epoxy Glue
For customers wanting older 5:1 technology
Clear deep coating 
Clear doming Epoxy
UV Activated clear epoxy resin (no hardener needed)
Expanding Epoxy for casting, Insulation, Floatation
Deep penetrating Timber Preserver with Borax