Heat Resistant Epoxies

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Platinum Epoxies High Temperature Resistant Epoxy Resin 

  • Performance and use:
    This product is a high temperature curing two-component epoxy adhesive. With
    storage stability high bonding strength good insulation properties. It is easier to use than these two components. Thixotropy and adaptive characteristics. It can be applied to self-adhesion and mutual adhesion of metals ceramics and composite materials leakage of various containers cracks in the cylinder block bonding filling sealing plugging and repair of castings and bonding and sealing of heating parts of electrical appliances and meters and etc. High temperature resistance of -40~150-230 degrees Celsius for a long time.

  • Shelf time:1 year

  • Product description: Typical indicators: Model Platinum Epoxies Heat Resistant Epoxy 4002-1A (epoxy resin) and 4002-1B (hardener)

  • Exterior Transparent liquid 

  • Use ratio 6-1(Weight ratio)

  • Viscosity (Pa.s 25 C) 4500 2000

  • Curing conditions Cured at room temperature: The initial curing time 1 Hour