Platinum brand, DOMING Epoxy Resin is a superior crystal clear, ultra high gloss doming resin (or sort of lens effect) created for use on key rings, magnets, lapel pins, labels, decals, photos, medallions, artwork and lots of art, wood work and promotional items. As can be seen, the clear, ultra high-gloss coating adds an incredible three dimensional visual effect to all products.



Platinum brand DOMING EPOXY (ART COAT resin) Resin System is a two component, low viscosity, rigid epoxy decorative coating. This ultra high gloss resin is absolutely water clear and it incorporates the best UV inhibitors to help prevent premature yellowing & degradation while at the same time provide ultimate clarity to enhance any image or medium to which it is applied. 

It is designed to cure at room temperature but can be slightly warmed to accelerate the curing process. 

Platinum brand DOMING resin (Exactly ART COAT resin) contains world leading degassing technology air release system which allows for an air bubble free ultra high gloss doming.




1. Mix 1 Part A with 1 Part B by weight or volume equal amounts.

2. Mix thoroughly keeping stirring stick on the base of the mixing jug. Try not to whip air into the mixture.

3. Decant mixed Doming epoxy using a machine dispenser, cup or squeeze bottles.

4. Let cure at room temperature overnight. (Can be accelerated by heating slightly to about 35 deg C to give a cure of as little as 2- 4 hours)



Platinum brand DOMING resin (ART COAT) is sold in 500 mls, 1 ltr, 2 ltr, 4 ltr, 8 ltr and 40 ltr kits.



Shelf life of epoxies is well over 24 months. 


Mixing Ratio 1 parts “A” Resin to 1 part “B” Hardener by volume or weight.

1:1 Doming Epoxy - 2L Kit