Epoxy Resin bargain 2:1 clear high quality UV limited quantity available. Varioius Sizes with freight only $15* 

3 Kg. pack!   -   Total Kit consists of 2 parts.  2 Kgs. of SuperCLEAR Resin Part A and 1 Kg. of Clear Hardener Part B - 3 Kg pack is equal to 2.7 ltrs in volume




(This copied from a site selling the same resin)

This Low Bubble SuperCLEAR Epoxy Resin  is a 'high quality' clear superior performance epoxy system that can be used for so many applications including: —Casting, Jewellery, Timber work, Pen Blanks, Boat repairs, Floor and Bench Top coating—  A truly quality multi purpose resin that contains no solvents whatsoever!

Just look at some of the applications below and you will find that this is the ONE resin for so many applications.:


Boat manufacture and Fibreglass repairs - it has great strength, good cures times, fast wet out of Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass and other composite reinforcements and can be even be applied over most other brands of cured epoxies with propper surface preparation. When modified with fillers such as wood powder or Colloidal Silica the resin can be used as a filling and fairing compound with outstanding results. This resin can also be used with most types of fibreglass (if using Chopped Strand Mat, you will need a special 'Powder bond' type for Epoxy Resin which is available from us), carbon fibre or kevlar, as well as used over urethane foams and other sandwich core materials.


Can be used for gloss coating of timber furniture / bench tops / floor coating and casting items into furniture - The resin has great durability and can be resurfaced should it be damaged in any way. It has a bloom free finish. 


Great for the hobbyist when making Jewelry or items that require a clear resin that possesses Superior durability.


ARTWORK - absolutely ideal for many types of work 



Timber Work: This is probably the most perfect resin for this sector of the market (and something the market has been waiting for so long as no other one resin system can be used in 1000's of applications). For example in making Pen Blanks? This resin will cast virtually bubble free without a vacuum tank. It can cast from 1 mm thick right thru to 40 mm thick maximum (some very slight clouding may apear at those thicknesses  - so one can even use it for pigmented River Tables, Knife handles etc! This one resin is so versatile for the whole range of projects.  You can use it as a coating resin. One 'Low Bubble' resin for all Timber Work projects. We should have named it 'Timber Work' resin but, because its application is so wide, then Low Bubble* is its name, and brought to you by Platinum brand - in our value range


'Low Bubble' SuperClear Epoxy Resin is ideal for floor coating applications as it is an extremely durable and tough product offering a high gloss finish with minimal coats.  It has UV resistance added to this specially formulated resin. 


* Low Bubble refers to the epoxy as supplied. This resin has one of the worlds best degassing formula's. But even with these properties, without propper substrate preparation or surface removal of mixing bubbles? Then no resin can be referred to as truly bubble free. 

Caution: Since the conditions of application and use of our products are beyond our control, no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of the information, the results obtained from the use of the product, or that such use will not infringe on any patents. The information is furnished with the express condition that one will make their own tests to determine the suitability of the product for their particular use.


Coverage depends on temperature (Epoxy resins before mixing act a little like honey - in that in summer, they are very runny while in winter they are very stiff) and so coverage can vary up from 250 grams per square meter per coat. 


Clean all brushes, rollers and fibreglass tools with Acetone or MEK. Fibreglass Cloth and other materials are all available separately. As with all epoxies, it is always good practice to use protective gloves , and eye glasses (just in case you splash resin in your eye? - But if you do? Then just flush with water for 15 minutes). Handy also is to wear an apron, just in case of spills. We have available a hand cleaner available for cleaning up, but you can also use soap and water or white vinegar to clean your hands if you prefer.


Mix this 'Low Bubble' Clear Epoxy Resin in the ratio: 2 parts Resin to 1 part Hardener by WEIGHT and can be (if pigmented or colour dye added) cast up to 40 mm thick at one time (some very small clouding may apear due to the UV inhibitors?). This one resin system will do from 1 mm right thru to 40 mm thick castings. For large volumes and using many Kilograms of material at one time? Then there are other special resins available from our supplier that have exactly the same properties but have a lower exothermal. 


This 'Low Bubble' Clear Epoxy Resin we say is the best value high performing resin on the market because it can be used for so many applications. 

Please Note: As this product is a very pure epoxy. And it acts in a similar manner to just like pure honey (epoxies act similar to honey in that, during winter, honey is extremely thick and yet in summer, that same honey is very thin and runny). So to it is with epoxies. And just like pure honey which sometimes turns into sugar? Pure Epoxy resin can act in a similar way and develop crystals (usually in part A). This is not from faulty resin but common thought is that it is from the cyclic hot days and cold nights when stored. An easy fix is to heat the jugs up in very hot water (60 deg C) for about 30 mins and this will restore the resin to be perfectly clear. That heating is also a good thing to help remove air bubbles trapped in the epoxy due to transportation. It is important in not trying to introduce excessive air during the mixing process. Low Bubble is exactly that when mixed in a normal manner.



Shelf life of epoxies is well over 12 - 24 months. 


Mixing Ratio of 'Low Bubble' Epoxy resin system is: 2 parts “A” Resin to 1 part “B” Hardener by WEIGHT. Max pour depth 40mm (some very slight cloudiness may occure at this maximum cast thickness). 


Working time 45 mins at 25 deg C. Initial cure 24 hrs with full cure 3 days.


Coverage is approximately 250 grams (about 250mls) per sq. mt. per coat when coating, but when casting? Then this does not apply as it is the volume that you are casting is what is needed. 


The Specific Gravity:

Resin Base Part A is 1.16, which means 1 kg of resin base = 0.862 ltrs.

Hardener Part B is 1.03, which means 1 kg of Hardener = 0.971 ltrs

For the combined system, 1kg of mixed product = 0.898 ltrs


Shipping Pack size: 17 cm x 16 cm x 21 cm  - Weight 3.5 kg






2:1 Low Bubble Clear Epoxy Resin