GENERAL PURPOSE CASTING RESIN is a thick liquid which is mixed with CATALYST(MEKP) and then used to encapsulate items such as flowers etc. It sets crystal clear.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: To achieve a gel-time of 30-40 minutes, the amount of Catalyst (MEKP) required will vary greatly depending on temperature and humidity. As a guide, mix Catalyst (stirring well, but avoid causing bubbles) with CASTING Resin in the ratio of 15 mls Catalyst to 1 kg (about 1 ltr) Resin. Doubling MEKP will halve the gel-time. Several layers can be used but allow resin to SET before adding next layer.


CLEAN UP: Wash all brushes etc in  Acetone immediately after use.


SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: always wear protective gloves, clothing and eye wear  when working with fibreglass materials


Packaging may vary to what is shown in the photo due to stock and availability. Please confirm stock before purchase if a certain container is needed.


Casting resin: approx. 3 months - store in a sealed container in a cool, dry place below 25ºC. Due to short shelf life, casting resin will need to be tested prior to sending so may be delayed.

250g Casting Resin