1.4 kg kit! Ideal to trial some large casting projects.
Total Kit consists of 2 parts.  999gm of RiverTable Epoxy Resin Part A and 333 gm of Hardener Part B
Platinum brand RiverTable Resin is a 3:1 ratio water clear resin. It has incredible UV resistance (the best in the world).
Cast in one go at 40mm easily with perfect clarity! Finish surface with Pouring gloss or sand in finish to the wood level.
At 25 deg C it has 1.5 hrs set time. Initial cure is 24 hours with mid cure 3 days. Final cure 10 days.
No more doing layer after layer to get that crystal clear finish. Now, simply mix and pour 40mm thick without overheating.
This RiverTable Epoxy Resin  can be used in so many casting applications including: —  Jewelery, Furniture, Promotional Products, Trophies, Flower display, Artwork, Model Making, Set Designs, 'One Off' niche products etc.   A quality multi purpose Epoxy Resin for all those volume use jobs - AND it contains no solvents whatsoever!
It is important that this resin is used for volume casting as it will not cure properly on shallow casts (less that about 40mm). A tip is to heat the base resin up by placing the jugs in the sun or in very hot water for a few hours a day before your cast, so as to allow the chance for any entrapped air to rise. Also, sometimes crystals form in pure resin and thus by heating, the resin is able to dissolve the crystals.
Just look at some of the applications below and you will find that this is the ONE resin for your many casting projects and applications.:
* Furniture Manufacture - it has superior working time, good cures times, easy to mix by weight and can be even be applied over most other brands of cured epoxies. When modified with fillers, tints and pigments, outstanding effects can result. We recommend a top-coat of our 1:1 Pour Gloss or 2:1 Clear Epoxy Resin for a durable hard surface. 
For smaller items? We would recommend our 2:1 ratio,  Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin (available from our store at diystore)
* RiverTable Epoxy Resin is ideal for cast coffee table applications as it is Water Clear and high gloss.
Coverage: Depends on volume required. If using resin as a coating? Then coverage depends on temperature (Epoxy resins before mixing act a little like honey - in that in summer, they are very runny while in winter they are very stiff) and so coverage can vary up from 250 grams per square meter per coat.
Clean all brushes, rollers and tools with Acetone.  Use protective gloves when working with this product. We have available a special hand cleaner for cleaning up, but you can also use soap and water or white vinegar to clean your hands but we only always recommend to use disposable gloves.
While the RiverTable Epoxy Resin has no strong detectable smell, never the less it is always good practice to work in a well ventilated, dust free environment, indoors or outdoors.
Mix this RiverTable Epoxy Resin in the ratio: 3 parts Resin to 1 part Hardener by WEIGHT. If casting large volumes and using many kilo's of material at one time? Then there are special techniques used by professionals to get their stunning results. Please contact our office for some tips prior on starting large jobs as an amateur.
As this product has a long cure time at ambient temperature (Working time - initial set- 1 1/2 hrs at 25 deg C. 40% humidity, with initial or ambient cure at 24 hrs and then mid cure 3 days with final cure at 10 days). Post cure could be needed at cooler temperature and high humidity. For post cure the maximum increase in temperature to reach post cure temperature is 13 deg C per hour and a maximum cool off temperature is 25 deg C per hour to prevent crystallization. Post cure at 60 deg C for 16 - 24 hours after ambient cure. 
For casting perfection, always heat the resin to 60 deg C for 10 mins on the day or previous day of the pour. What this does is eliminate any possibility of crytals forming in the pure resin and at the same time, eliminates many of the bubbles formed by transportation or other means. Try to cast with the resin at optimum temperature of 25 deg C. Heating resin by placing the jugs on hot water will work well.
Mix correctly and follow web site mixing techniques as shown by our suppliers (aacomposites). All these steps are designed to get the very highest quality results as this resin can give.   
Shelf life of epoxies is well over 12 months.
Working time 1 1/2 hours at 25 deg C. Initial cure 24 hrs with mid cure 3 days, full cure 10 days.


Coverage is by WEIGHT

3:1 River Table Epoxy - 1.4Kg Kit