Foaming Pour Resin Kits - This is a two-part, equal mix, self-rising, liquid material used in hand mix applications. Foaming begins within 45 seconds after the two liquids are mixed and continues for several more minutes. The foam expands up to approximately 30 times its liquid volume before curing, and will fill any shape cavity. It does not react with oil or petrol and it will normally not absorb water (maximum 2% absorption). The mixed foam is ideal for floatation applications, buoyancy and insulation. The Foaming Resin System is recommended for use in applications requiring: Maximum strength to weight ratio, Thermal insulation, Sound deadening, Void filling, and Flotation characteristics.


Unlike polyester foams, polyurethane foam is compatible with both polyester and epoxy resins. The liquids used are usually a dark brown colour for part A and a semi clear one for part B.


Directions: Weigh out Foaming Resin Base ’A’ into a clean dry container.  Into the same container, add correct amount of Foaming Resin Hardener. ’B’.  Stir for approx 30-45 seconds or less ensuring full mix, the resin will start expanding. Pour the material. Larger batch sizes react quicker than smaller batch sizes.


Cleaning up: Clean all brushes, rollers and fibreglass tools with Acetone.


Packaging may vary to what is shown in the photo due to stock and availability. Please confirm stock before purchase if a certain container is needed.


Foaming resin: approx. 3 months - store in a sealed container in a cool, dry place below 25ºC

4kg Poly Foaming Resin