Epoxy Resin Kit 5:1 ratio - contain high 'tradesmen' quality resin and hardener, formulated in Australian for Australian conditions. (Epoxy Resin Kit is supplied as a complete pack with the correct amount of hardener). The Epoxy Resin Kit is a Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin that can be used in a huge variety of applications including boat hulls and structures which need to completely exclude moisture, as well as laminating and bonding of nearly all materials. When modified with fillers such as wood powder or Colloidal Silica the resin can be used as a filling and fairing compound with outstanding results. These resins can also be used with most types of fibreglass (if using Chopped Strand Mat, you will need a special 'Powder bound' CSM for Epoxy Resin which is available from us), carbon fibre or kevlar, as well as used over urethane foams and other sandwich core materials. These resins tend to be fairly rigid when cured.


Directions for use: Mix resin and hardener EXACTLY in the ratio shown on the label (you can purchase a Epoxy Resin Pump Kit from our store to measure the correct ratio for you). 


Coverage: It takes about 250 grams of resin to saturate a meter square of Fibreglass Cloth (200gram weight) or about 200 grams of mixed Epoxy resin to saturate 1 square meter of a flat non porous surface. 


Kit contains 5kgs Resin Base Part A and 1kg Part B Hardener.


Shelf life of our epoxies is approx. 12 months. Product maybe supplied in alternate brand packaging but product is identical


Acetone, Cloth, Chopped Strand Mat, Fillers, Tools and safety equipment are available in our store.


Clean all brushes, rollers and fibreglass tools with Acetone.


Always wear gloves and dust masks and avoid breathing vapours of resin or dust residue.

5:1 Epoxy Resin - 6kg kit

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