600gm Fibreglass Woven Roving (1mt. wide) - is made from continuous glass fiber roving which are interlaced into heavy weight fabrics. Compatible with Polyester Resin’s, Vinyl Ester Resin’s and Epoxy Resins.  Used in most cases to increase the flexural and impact strength of laminates.  Ideal for multi-layer hand lay-up applications where great material strength is required.  Good moldability, fast and complete wet in resins, resulting in high productivity and cost effective. Good transparency and high strength of composite products.  With Woven Roving as a general rule estimate the resin/reinforcement ratio at 1:1 by weight.  Woven Roving is available in a variety of weights.


This pack contains approx 83 meters of 600 gram per square meter Fibreglass Woven Rovings and is 1000mm wide. Product comes on a roll.


600gm Woven Rovings uses approx 600gm of resin per sq mt


Epoxy Resin, Polyester Resin, Vinyle Ester Resin, Flowcoat, MEKP, Acetone, Tools and safety equipment are available in our store.


Clean all brushes, rollers and fibreglass tools with Acetone.


Always wear gloves and dust masks and avoid breathing vapours of resin or dust residue.

600gm Woven Rovings - roll

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