ART COAT Resin is an unmodified liquid epoxy resin with medium viscosity produce from bisphenol-A and epichlorohydrin. It’s viscosity is lower than normal 828 resin types and hence is preferred where lower viscosity plays important role in processing and application.

ART COAT Hardener is a medium viscosity, low colour, modified cycloaliphatic amine curing agent that does not contain any Nonyl Phenol.

The combined ART COAT Resin / Hardener system provides low colour, low viscosity and has a convenient 1:1 mix ratio by weight and volume.

The system will cure under ambient conditions to produce clear glossy coatings and thin castings with high strength and blush resistance.

The system is ego friendly as it contains NO VOC's, NO Fumes, NON Flammable, NO Solvents! Container sizes from 250 mls to 200 ltr


TDS (Technical Data Sheet)

SDS - Safety Data Sheet (Part A Resin) (Part B Hardener)

1:1 ART COAT & Doming Epoxy Resin