Epoxy Flowcoat PRIME COATING - As Epoxy Flowcoat forms a highly adhesive membrane to structures it is ideally suited as the prime / building base for gloss surface finishing.


Epoxy Flowcoat Finish Coating - If Epoxy Flowcoat is to be used as the overall surface preparation through to finish then normally 3 coats are required. Each coat forms a 0.25 mm thickness, leaving a final 0.75mm hard dry film. This application is most suitable for concrete floors, walkways and stairs where high abrasion and impact resistance are required. If high chemical resistance or liquid impermeability is sort then the 3-coat application is also recommended.


Mixing Proportions: 3 Part A to 1 Part B by volume

Working Time: 45 minutes @ 23 °C

Tack Free Time: 4 hours @ 23°C

Recoating Time: 4-12 hours @ 23°C

Coverage: 4 sqm per litre @ 0.25mm thickness per coat


SURFACE PREPARATION - All surfaces must be clean, dry and oil free before applying the Epoxy Flowcoat.


Clean all brushes, rollers and fibreglass tools with Acetone.


Always wear gloves and dust masks and avoid breathing vapours of resin or dust residue.


Acetone, Polyester, Flowcoat, Gelcoat, MEKP, Tools and safety equipment are available in our store.

Epoxy Flowcoat 3kg