Epoxy Glue Kit 1:1 ratio - is a high strength, easy-flow, gel type epoxy adhesive. Our Epoxy glue has excellent gap filling and adhesive properties and is ideal for bonding timber, metals, concrete, masonary, fibreglass and most plastics. It is ideal for using as a wood glue, and suitable on a range of applications requiring superior bond strength. Our Epoxy Glue kits retain their high strength properties even after repeated high impact forces.


Directions for use: Mix Epoxy Glue in the ratio strictly 1 part base to 1 part hardener by vloume. Working time varies from 60 minutes to 3 hours depending on daily temperature and humidity.


Product may come in tins or plastic tubs, depending on availability.


Kit contains 250gm Resin Base Part A and 250gm Part B Hardener.


Shelf life of our epoxies is approx. 12 months. Product maybe supplied in alternate brand packaging but product is identical


Acetone, Cloth, Chopped Strand Mat, Fillers, Tools and safety equipment are available in our store.


Clean all brushes, rollers and fibreglass tools with Acetone.


Always wear gloves and dust masks and avoid breathing vapours of resin or dust residue.

Epoxy Glue - 500gm kit

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