Epoxy Resin Pump Kits are used for convenient and accurate measuring the correct ratios of Epoxy Resins quickly and accurately. The Resin Pump (the one with the red coloured screw cap) will automatically dispense 5 times the quantity of the hardener pump.


One Epoxy Resin Pump Kit fit conveniently onto the Epoxy and Hardener containers for all the 3kg, 6kg, 12kg and 24kg Epoxy Resin Kits.


The pumps can be cleaned and reused. Clean the resin pump with 2 parts methylated spirits, 1 part white vinegar and the hardener pump with water.


Dispatched with complete instructions and housed in their own container, these pumps are made of durable polypropylene and should give years of dependable service. Read and follow the priming, ratio verification and operating instructions that are included with the pumps.


Pumps are calibrated at the factory when new but need to be periodically checked for accuracy as they are used.


Clean all brushes, rollers and fibreglass tools with Acetone.


Always wear gloves and dust masks and avoid breathing vapours of resin or dust residue.


Acetone, Polyester, Flowcoat, Gelcoat, MEKP, Tools and safety equipment are available in our store.

Epoxy Resin Pump kit

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